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October 31, 2014
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Shower anti scald valves are installed in bathroom showers in order to regular water’s temperature and pressure. The benefits of the valve include the fact that you can easily control the temperature of the water during your shower to best suit you. The anti-scald valve balances the pressure between hot and cold water supplies which prevents burning, scalding and other linked injuries as a result of overheated water.
Shower Anti-scald valves are available as pressure sensitive, thermostatically controlled or there are some that combine the two functions. The thermostatically controlled anti scald valve makes it possible for you to control the volume of the water as well as the temperature. These are commonly used in bathrooms with shower heads and can be placed in individual showers or close to the water heating system. However, the thermostatically controlled anti scald valves are more expensive than the pressure sensitive because it has the thermostat built in to regulate the water temperature and pressure. The pressure sensitive anti-scald valve works by balancing the pressure between cold water and the incoming flow of hot water which prevents overheated water. The equipment identifies whether there is a shortage in cold water supply and regulates the hot water’s pressure to resolve this.
To fix an anti-scald valve, you will need to identify the location of the problem because sometimes the water lines are simply accidently switched off and all you need to do is switch it back on. However, if this isn’t the case you will need to unclog your supply lines since anti-scald valves are sensitive to becoming clogged. Then to replace the anti-scald mechanism, you will need to purchase a replacement from one of the three types and then install in.
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