How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper

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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Your toilet is one of the most underappreciated fixtures in your home when it is working perfectly but when it decides to breakdown, that is when you are in panic stations. However, you can learn to easily replace a toilet fill valve and flapper with the following basic instructions without having to contact Plumbers Bethnal Green for help.
Firstly, to begin replacing your toilet fill valve and flapper, you will need to guarantee the water supply to the toilet is turned off. You can usually find this below and behind the cistern. Then drain all of the water from cistern into the bucket and disconnect the water supply line. Dispose of the drained water in your bucket and then place the bucket under the cistern in order to prevent any further spillage.
The next step in replacing the toilet fill valve and flapper is to disassemble the tank. Firstly, begin by removing the internal flapper which covers the orifice which is near where the water exits the tank. Then remove the gasket underneath the fill tube by removing the tank from the toilet bowl and then unscrewing the bolts that hold the cistern to the bowl. You can use a wrench to complete this task which is using one for holding the nuts underneath the cistern and the other for unscrewing them. Then lift the cistern off and remove the remaining parts.
Furthermore, the final step is to install the new gasket and valve. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in how you should install the new gasket to ensure you it goes on straight and isn’t cross threaded. Then replace the tank on the bowl and install the new fill valve by securing it with a lock nut under the tank.
Replacing a toilet fill valve and flapper is fairly simple but if you require any help, you can contact Plumbers Bethnal Green who will be at your property in no time at all thanks to our rapid response system.

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