Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix them

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September 25, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in a house and we often undervalue them because without a functioning toilet you will have nowhere to get rid of your personal waste without having to clean it up yourself. There are a number of toilet problems that are common in households and we tell you how to fix them.
Firstly, a common problem with toilets that homeowners complain about is the ‘phantom flush’ which is when water is trickling into the bowl without you flushing it. The sign that indicate whether you may have the ‘phantom flush’ is that you may hear your toilet periodically refilling the toilet despite no one flushing it. It is often not a full flash that occurs but it commonly refills itself intermittently. The cause of a ‘phantom flush’ is that there is a slow leak from the tank into the bowl which is caused by the flapper seat or a bad flapper. To fix this issue, you should drain the cistern and bowl and then check and clean the flapper seat. You may have to replace the flapper seat if it is damaged.
Furthermore, another common problem with toilets is when the cistern slowly empties which is also known as a weak flush. The cause of this problem is that there may be a clogged hole underneath the bowl. The solution to fix this is to get a curved piece of wire which you can gently poke into each flush hole to clean anything out. A warning with using a piece of wire is that it is important not to scratch the bowl.
Many households deal with common toilet problems which can easily be fixed but if you require any assistance with any plumbing, heating, drainage or appliances be sure to contact us at Plumbers Bethnal Green and we will be happy to help you out. We guarantee the highest quality service from one of our experience plumbers for an affordable price.

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