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October 31, 2014
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You might have had many lucky escapes while trying DIYs on many occasions. And over the past years, we have heard about several DIY followers and enthusiasts, and moreover, even numerous trained and professional household and domestic appliance services getting electrocuted badly and sometimes even killed. Ironically, people who are all the time working with and around electricity are generally the ones who get mostly careless. But the people who are unfamiliar with any kind of electricity variants are mostly unaware of the safety practices that need to be carried out while dealing with dangerous assumptions of electronic appliances.
Here are the top 3 safety steps and tips by Plumbers Bethnal green on DIY safety during repairs:
1) Firstly, never work on any of the appliances, whether big or small while it is still fully plugged in the socket. It is a critical rule to absolutely make sure that it is disconnected or unplugged completely. Although it is very easy to get it wrong, usually when the plugs and sockets disappear behind any units or cupboards. Before you touch anything which can electrocute you badly, always make a double check that the appliance is totally disconnected. Do not always rely on both loose and strong socket switches. Even, also do not always rely on any other person to disconnect the appliance. If the plug is inside or behind any cupboard it might definitely be out of your sight.
2) One of the important things is to watch out for what is becoming distracted to you. Sometimes it happens that we are so involved in fixing the appliances, that you forget that it is plugged into the socket. Do not try to see if the electricity is on by testing it on a live appliance.
We, plumber bethnal green, are ace at providing all useful tips and also provide services for all the electric appliances.

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