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July 10, 2014
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August 11, 2014
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It is estimated that around four million households are connected to the UK’s main gas supply network, so an oil fired central heating system is a good alternative way of providing heat for a home. A Bethnal Green Plumber is qualified for boiler work. There is a limited choice of boiler. The oil is stored in a plastic tank very close to the property, normally at the rear. The system appliances are, a boiler and perhaps a range-style cooking hob. Heat only and combi-condensing boilers are available. Most oil-fired combination boilers have an internal store of hot water for domestic use, rather than instant. The oil in this type of burner cannot burn as a liquid so has to be atomised in order to burn.This type of boiler needs pipework controls, these are a filter, fire valve and isolating valve. Should a fire start, a fire valve automatically closes the oil supply. There are modern boilers that are fitted with a jet nozzle. Bethnal Green Plumbers are experienced professionals. This jet nozzle forces the oil into the combustion chamber causing it’s atomisation allowing it to burn easily. A cooker in this system may normally use the same method or could perhaps have a pot burner. A pot burner operates by using gravity fed fuel to flow into a tray fitted to the bottom of the burner. The vapour is mixed with air, and ignites and produces a safe flame. These boilers are up to 90% efficient. The down side is, a consumer can wait long periods for delivery, so tank level needs to be checked regularly, the high price of oil and the tank requires an annual service to work well. There is no wall-mounted option available for the boilers so a floor mounted boiler is the norm. The boiler needs extra plumbing for the draining of acid condensate. the Co2 emmissions are of quite a high level.

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