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June 15, 2014
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Your pipework can make noises for many different reasons, ranging from loose brackets to variations in the water pressure. It is important to find the reason and correct it as soon as possible.

Loose Mounting Straps:
The hammer action can also happen if the straps that secure the pipework become loose. A loose strap will allow the pipework to vibrate against the supporting structures and framework as the water is switched on and off. These straps should be tight.

Fluid Hammer:
The fluid hammer (or water hammer) happens when the water flowing inside a pipe meets a valve that has just suddenly closed. This results in a pressure wave at the end of the pipe system. This can also cause pipes to collapse and is also known as hydraulic shock. When the wave stops, a loud thud can be heard throughout the property. Hence ‘water hammer’. Bethnal Green Plumbers are skilled professionals that can diagnose plumbing issues.


Air Chamber:
The air chamber is there to provide a cushion when the water is turned on and off, it is fitted in the cavity of a wall near to a valve. These chambers can provide a cushioned effect that can help to stop the water from hitting the pipework. There is no provision for inspection of these air chambers. If you don’t feel confident you can call a professional like a Bethnal Green Plumber.

Adjust Water Pressure:
Pipework also begins to create noise if the water pressure in them is very high. This pressure can be adjusted by fitting a regulator. The majority of modern homes have a regulator fitted in the pipework at the point where the mains water supply enters the home.

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