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August 11, 2014
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The domestic boilers in the UK represent around 55% of what an individual will spend in one year on their energy bills, so it is very important that an efficient boiler is fitted. Replacing the old fashioned units with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls will drastically reduce a home’s Co2 emissions, and can save a homeowner around £305 per annum. If a homeowner is about to replace an old boiler, there is a wide choice of boilers with different functions. A Bethnal Green Plumber is a skilled professional. So a replacement boiler that suit their needs is needed, like will extra pipework or accessories be required. They should also consider and make comparisons with the energy efficiency for each boiler. Don’t forget, all new boilers must be installed by a gas safe registered engineer. here are a few examples: The Conventional Boiler operates by using a heat exchanger to create its hot water in a very similar way to a pan of water on a hot ring. They will allow hot water to be drawn from many taps at the same time. This design, works with fully pumped open vented systems, with a small number of them, working with gravity hot water systems, but hot water could run out. The Condensing Boiler uses heat from its own exhaust gases that are usually released into the atmosphere through its flue. Bethnal Green Plumbers use only qualified tradesmen. In order to use this heat, water vapour from the exhaust gas is turned into liquid condensate. These boilers are known as a “High Efficiency Boilers” and work best with lower water temperature systems. These boilers will use fuels such as, gas, liquid petroleum gas or oil. There is a combi-condensing boiler on the market. The Combination Boiler is an electric or gas heating boiler and a multi point type of water heater in one. It can supply unlimited hot water from the cold water mains supply instantly all over a home. It is not fitted with a cylinder.

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