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Should this happen and even if you only think you can smell something like gas , you must report it and take some immediate actions, both for you and your family’s safety as an explosion could occur. A Bethnal Green Plumber can detect and rectify gas problems.

A). Isolate the gas supply to every gas appliance.
B). Turn off the emergency gas control valve at the gas meter.
C). Open all the windows to vent the gas.
D). Do not make any light switches to stop any sparks. Extinguish any naked flames.

The telephone number of the national gas emergency service is: 0800111999.

Your gas meter should always be of easy access. If your meter is in a box, then you should have the key in a safe but easy to find place (this is very important). You can shut off the gas supply completely by turning the handle attached to the emergency control valve just one quarter turn. Bethnal Green Plumbers can isolate the gas supply in case of an emergency. The various by products that are exhausted by combustion are very dangerous, not just from gas but also solid fuel burning appliances, such as those burning oil and coal. There is a strong chance that these products are carbon monoxide related which is a very toxic gas that has no smell or taste and can build up in the home really quickly when the flue on the boiler is blocked or obstructed either naturally or by someone being carelessness (you should have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in the home).

1. Turn off the gas appliance.
2. Open the windows were the fumes are discovered.
3. If you feel drowsy, evacuate the building to get some fresh air into your lungs.
4. Call a doctor if necessary.
5. Call a gas service engineer.

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