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July 28, 2015
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Plumbing comes from the latin word.Plumbing is a complex system of fitting pipes, tubes, valves, devices and drain that distributes water in a building or in a house for different purposes. There are various types of plumbing which includes, water plumbing, sanitary plumbing, drainage, mechanical services, roofing and Gas services. The luxuries that we experience in our homes are due to the work of plumbing. We use hot and cold water in our homes. The plumbing industry substantial part of developed economy.
Water plumbing
Water plumbing is the type of plumbing, which relates to the Installation, maintenance, fittings, removal and repairing of hot and cold water pipes.
Sanitary plumbing
Sanitary plumbing is the type of which relates to the Installation, repair maintenance and renewal removal of pipes, it also include ventilation of pipes.
Installation, maintenance, repair and removal of storm water and waste through pipes
Mechanical services
Mechanical services include plumbing works on cooling, heating, or ventilation of buildings. Ventilation includes maintenance installation and repairing of pipes, regulators, tanks, valves, air conditioning and evaporative cooling systems.
Roofing includes plumbing works that relates to Installation, and maintenance of roof, renewal, repairing and maintenance of roof water systems, which included rainwater piping, downpipes and gutters.
Gas services
Plumbing Gas services included Installation, maintenance of pipes, ventilation equipments, disconnection, repair and, fittings of appliances.
Plumbing tools
The most commonly used plumbing tools are as follows.
Tubing cutters
Flaring tools
Plumbing pliers
faucet tool
bending tools
deburring tools
brushes and abrasives
swaging tools

Call a plumber
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