How to unblock a shower

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May 6, 2016
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June 5, 2016

It is possible to get a blocked shower Bethnal Green any time of the day and most of the materials that enter into the drain like hair, toothpaste or soap may come together to make a ball that may end up stopping water flow. It is possible to free most clogs by using only the plunger in order to get rid of the mess. If the simple solutions are not able to remove the clogs, it is possible to remove the P-Trap in order to clean it out completely. The next step is to use a snake so that you can remove stubborn clogs.

You should fill the bottom of the shower with water and use the plunger in order to free the clog. Make sure that the plunger is able to fit completely on the opening of a shower and make a seal. Use it to pump many times and you can then lift it off in order to see if the water starts to run out.

You should ensure that the water has been completely drained if the water goes out sluggishly but the drain has not been blocked completely. You need to pour the drain cleaner in the drain using the amount required and let it work for the time specified. You can then flush with water. If the blocked shower Bethnal Green cannot be cleared easily, consider using lock pliers to take away the p-trap. Use a bucket in the trap in order to catch water before you can remove its nut. You should try to get rid of the debris which may have been stuck way into the hole. When the skink uses a pull rod assembly, you should unscrew a lever away from the drain tailpiece and check if there are obstructions. You should clear the obstruction further into the drain line and insert the end of a plumber snake in the wall-stub out. Use a snake to get rid of the clogs.

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