How to remove mould growth under your sink

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April 5, 2016
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May 6, 2016

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are used every day of our lives. Much of our household work is done through sinks. Either it is washing hands or washing clothes. While washing we encounter different sorts of problems – leaking and blocking of the sink is very common. These problems sometimes occur because of our negligence. We drop different materials in our sinks which result in a blockage. If these blockages are not removed efficiently and completely, it causes leaking and damage to the sink. Other danger that can lead to damaging and leaking of our sinks is mould, which is fungus that appears inside and under the counterpart of our sinks.

The main reason of this mould is the leaking of the sink, which makes the area wet every time and allows the fungus to grow. We have to stop the fungus from growing because it is very dangerous. Find the specialist of blocked sink Bethnal Green that can help you to remove the mould. Sometimes we cannot find any specialist right on time, so we have to help ourselves to resolve the problem. Here are some steps for immediate action to solve the problem.

• Remove the sink
• Pat dry the area. Use the blower or heater fan to dry the area.
• Repeat the action two or three times.
• Remove all the mould out from the edges.
• Turn on the fan and open the kitchen window to help mould dirt fly away.
• Use alcohol and let the area dry.
• Repeat the method again 2 or 3 times.
• Bleach the area to whiten the area.
• Paint the black area to cover it and make it beautiful.
For the next time, take care of the leakage and try to dry the area as quickly as possible. For more guidelines, get assistance from an expert of blocked sink Bethnal Green near your area.

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