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April 16, 2014
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When your central heating system is working well, there are no funny sounds like bubbling or knocking and all is well, however one day you may hear the bubbling coming from somewhere in the house. This could be a sign that possibly air has got into the system. This could be due to scale or corrosion in the pipes. A Bethnal Green Plumber can find corroded pipes. The noise is actually created by the formation of steam and its subsequent condensing within the area of trapped air. Apart from a new boiler, the best action to take is to treat the system with a descaling solution. Something called a power flush can be carried out but that should really be left to a professional service like Bethnal Green Plumbers . Although, depending on the age of your system and the materials it is made from, like copper, steel or aluminium, many manufacturers produce chemical cleaning solutions for them, that are available from most plumbers merchants and do come with application instructions.

The use of these solutions is meant to clear the sludge that has been blocking a corroded radiator or preventing a leaking joint, however, when treated, the removal of the sludge, could expose a split that has been sealed over the years.

It is entirely possible that the noise from the boiler might not be as a result of the trapped air we have spoken about, but may be down to a thing called impingement of the flame (or the flame directly touches the heat exchanger within the boiler), thus causing local hotspots where steam can form and collapse. This needs a specialist heating engineer to make adjustments to the flames and investigate the cause further.

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